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This training session was kindly provided by SUNET in the TF-CPR meeting hosted by SUNET in Stockholm, Sweden, 16-18 March 2016.

1 half day, 3 hours

Using storytelling in marketing and communication is powerful, touching, engaging – and timeless. In today’s fast-changing world it is vital we learn to master the medium that has successfully adapted to, and driven, every technological media advance from the printing press to LinkedIn: The story. Analysing your users’ motivations and planning stories raises high-impact questions: Who are we – to ourselves and our community and users? Who do we want to be? How are we changing? Exactly how are we part of our community’s life?


What IS a story? We all use the word – but what actually is a story? Four common misconceptions.
Digital storytelling: Stories on community channels, scenarios, series, reader-rated content, fan fiction. Anchoring community, campaigns and interaction around stories.
Story utility: How do we process stories differently, why do they have such deep impact?
Story archetypes and arcs: “There are only a handful of stories and we keep on telling them again and again…” (Willa Cather). Identifying our story, planning it, crafting stories.
Brand stories: Founder stories, stories in brand journalism.
Driving stories though: Managing internal content, developing stories, packaging series, the approval process.
Cases, practise, hands-on: All the above will be practised using a range of digital cases, brands, products and services.

Storytelling training - slides (restricted access)

Meet the trainer!

I’m a copywriter, translator and communications trainer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I teach in-company and at the award-winning Berghs School of Communication.”
Berghs School of Communication
“At Berghs we believe that every organisation can become best in its field – with the right training. We should know. Regularly voted Best Advertising School in the World at the prestigious Cannes Future Lions festival, we have created tailor-made trainings for many of the world’s most successful organisations for over 20 years. We see that in today’s tough, competitive market the best organisations never stop growing, because they never stop learning. Welcome to Berghs tailor-made solutions.”









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