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1st GA notes

*WP4* - Applications


There was a consensus about the need of a central LMS system that Up2U provides to all schools willing to participate in piloting without their own LMS. Moodle is the choice to start with. Must be pluggable to swap if decided.


A separated pluggable AAI and group management component must be put in front of the LMS. GARR is to investigate options, maybe Grouper.


The central LMS should be able to communicate/federate with other LMSs via TinCan and/or LTI. Liaison with IMS Global has already been established.


As Deliverable 4.1 WP4 should demonstrate a working prototype of the central LMS and other playground components available/integrated.


Learning analytics and digital reward system (based on Open Badges and possibly Blockchain) will be investigated by OU and UROMA.


eduOER should be the hub to connect all repertoires wishing to gateway into Up2U. eduOER only harvests metadata via standard protocols and also make them re-harvestable by any front-end portals or other applications.


There were several opinions but no firm consensus around the deployment of a central Up2U content repository. The major concern was around our legal responsibility for the content stored in that repository (should be addressed by WP6). Up2U Consortium is not a separate legal entity, only the partners can take responsibility but who will?


Perhaps the Up2U repository could store only metadta and information about learning paths that teachers/students create. Perhaps only unanonymized short Learning Object can be stored there... Open for discussion.


There was an agreement to try and implement a pilot Learning Object portal within Up2U that can complement the GÉANT eduOER portal that includes mostly full lecture recordings and conference sessions less useful in the Up2U context. The Up2U LO portal should contain not only multimedia but other content types too.


Several multimedia learning tools were introduced and demonstrated by partners. All very promising!!! We have to work on a consolidated portfolio of tools (categorised list) that can be tested out by teachers. Interoperability is KEY.


Potential tools:

- Jupyter Notebooks (CERN)

- CommonSpaces (UROMA)

- SeLeCont (NTUA)

- Easy2Rec (ISEP)

- Web Personal Recorder (TELTEK)

- Clipit (FCT)

- WebTUT (FCT)

- Science lab (CERN)

- Virtual museum (ISEP)


Various integration options of these tools had been envisaged during the informal discussions. Very good starting point.


Use cases are essential to determine what tools will be provided and maintained by Up2U as part of the toolbox portfolio. The public website should be the place to socialize ideas and experiences about tools used by teachers and students.

WP4 document store

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