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GÉANT Future Talent Fund

Call for Applications


GÉANT* is pleased to announce the launch of the new exciting scholarship scheme – the GÉANT Future Talent Fund.


GÉANT is the leading collaboration in network and services for research and education in Europe. We are proud to support European scientific endeavour with the state of the art connectivity and ICT resources through a community of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs**).   


At GÉANT, we believe it is crucial for IT firms to engage with, and foster, developing future IT professionals. This sentiment holds true now, more than ever, as the sector undergoes a period of considerable growth, and we find ourselves faced with a growing shortage of talent. We are committed to contributing to the up-skilling of the Europe’s future IT workforce, and bridging the gap between the supply and demand of talent - particularly in the areas of research and education. This is why we have set up the GÉANT Future Talent Fund.


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In 2017 GÉANT Future Talent Fund takes the theme of ‘Security and Data Protection’

With this call for applications, we are inviting research projects within this theme from students of the following specialisations - Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Physics, IT and IT Law .


The scholarship is designed to provide students with a glimpse into what networking organizations do and offer professional development support. Therefore, the program will give seven selected students from across the Europe a unique opportunity to partake in an internship and undertake an applied research project in from January 2017 to May 2017. 


The lucky recipients will receive:


  • Mentorship and guidance of the hosting NREN in support of the research project
  • €500 towards training and professional development in 2017
  • The opportunity to attend and present results of the research at the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference TNC17 (more information at
  • The opportunity to join a virtual learning community with other recipients across Europe
  • Travel expenses to and from hosting NREN


Application process and criteria

The scholarship is open to all those currently studying at bachelor or postgraduate level, across Europe for the indicated specialisations (see above). All interested candidates should submit the following documents to [insert NREN contact name and email] and [GÉANT list].


  1. Research proposal in the field ‘Security and Data Protection’ (1 pg max)
  2. Motivation letter explaining reasons for applying and professional development plans (2 pgs max)
  3. CV with contact information (2 pgs max)


Key dates:

-          Applications open XXXX (include date of when website is live)

-          Applications close Friday XXXX

-          Video conference (and/ or face-to-face) interviews will be scheduled to take place in XXXX

-          Successful candidates will be notified XXXX


We are truly excited about the new GÉANT Future Talent Funds scholarship. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at xxxx and or visit … for more information.