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Brighten the future of Trust & Identity. Become a TIM trainee.


Join the Trust & identity Mentorship programme (TIM) and  you will be able to contribute to the development of cutting-edge solutions in the T&I field.


As a TIM trainee you will


work together with established T&I subject matter experts to develop ideas and prototype new products and services for the European academic and scientific community.

become a member of a virtual European team facilitated by your local National Research & Education Network (NREN).


learn to present your ideas with impact as the programme will give you access to specialised training to enable you to perform at your highest potential. 


be able to expand your nation and international network of ITC professionals and experts. 


So, do you have a very strong interest in the T&I field and are you keen to share your knowledge and ideas with others?  Do you want to learn from top T&I experts? Do you want to tell the world what your team accomplished and how? Apply today!

About the programme

  • It’s a mentorship.
  • It will fund your time dedicated to your work with ‘T&I Incubator’ for a period of (six) 6 months. The T&I Incubator is a group of experts working specifically on T&I issues.
  • TRaineers to the multidisciplinary projects and suggest the areas for T&I development
  • The programme will offer local and international mentors to provide coaching throughout the TIM mentorship
  • The programme will expect from you
    • Dedication and collaborating attitude
    • Pushing boundaries and innovative thinking
    • Participation in product/service reviews and evaluation sessions, training courses and workshops


The ideal applicant

  • is in the last year’s BA, Masters or PhD level students in Computer Science, Engineering or other technology fields with interest in computer networks
  • Has an excellent command of the English language
  • Has a six (6) months availability with an approximate workload of three (3) days per week  


All participants must be nominated by the local NREN

Applications deadline: 15 October 2019 (24:00 CEST)
Internship start date: 12 November 2019.

Send your CV and accompanying letter to:

[Name of NREN mentor]

[Contact Details]