There is an opportunity to get together to share ideas, experiences and best practices in the next joint meeting of SIG-Marcomms and the Global PR Network in Trondheim, Norway. This will immediately follow this year's networking conference, TNC18, on Thursday 14 July.

Registration is open - REGISTER HERE!

If you have ideas for topics for this or future meetings, please contact or add them into the agenda suggestions page.

PRELIMINARY AGENDA - topics & timings subject to change!

09:00-09:30Welcome & round of introductions & 'homework' feedback on TNC highlightsLonneke Walk (SURFnet - chair SIG-Marcomms)  
09:30-09:35Updates on SIG-Marcomms & Global PR Network activities since TNC17Laura Durnford & Helga Spitaler (GÉANT)


EYR overview and global spreadMary Hester (SURFnet)


  • Eastern Partnership
  • India

Laura Durnford (GÉANT & EaPConnect project)
Helga Spitaler (GÉANT & EYR India2 Europe)

Value to NRENs and invitation for future collaborationMary Hester (SURFnet)

10:15-10:35Global clouds collaborationMaria Ristkok

10:35-10:50COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS (available 10:30-11:00)

09:35-10:05In The Field blog update & social media promotion impactsJane Gifford (AARNet)


10:05-10:25Social media advertising experiencesEla Yazdani (CANARIE)

10:25-11:25Building engagement through social media workshop (TBC)Dimple Sokartara (GÉANT)

11:25-11:50Stakeholders Metrics DashboardEla Yazdani (CANARIE)

11:50-12:20How to showcase impacts and effects of projects - Asi@Connect experienceEunjin Hu (TEIN*CC)  
12:20-12:40Latin America community blog - experiences (TBC)(TBC)

12:40-13:30LUNCH AND EMAILS   

MARCOMMS SKILLS & CAPACITY BUILDING: Activities, experiences and lessons learned

Eastern Partnership



Latin America

Can we identify common knowledge / training needs?

Laura Durnford (GÉANT)

Dimple Sokartara (GÉANT) TBC

((Marcus Buchhorn (APAN) TBC & Eunjin Hu (TEIN*CC) TBC))

((Maria José (RedCLARA))

14:30-14:50RESTENA updatesCynthia Wagner (RESTENA)

14:50-15:20TNC highlights for communications follow-upEVERYONE


15:30-15:50COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS (available 10:30-11:00)

15:50-16:30Materials marketEVERYONE - Show off your recent print materials / branded giveaways

16:30-16:45Meeting feedback surveyEVERYONE (online)

16:45-16:55News roundup - CLAW, GDPR, next SIG meeting other upcoming (marcomms) opportunities

16:55-17:00Meeting wrap up, feedback survey & goodbye! Lonneke