The DSX Discovery Service (formerly known as eduTEAMS Discovery Service) allows services to implement an (embedded) Identity Provider discovery.

Currently, the service is in a pilot stage, therefore some aspects of the service still may change.

This section contains functional and technical documentation on how to use the discovery service if you are a administrator of a service.

SAML2 based federations consist of services represented by Service Providers (SP) and Home Organizations represented by Identity Providers (IdP). Services rely on Home Organizations to identify the users and for that to happen, the services usually need to be able to direct the user to correct Home Organization. The number of Home Organizations is - particularly in eduGAIN - so vast that users potentially have to select their Home Organization from a long list of organizations which can access a particular service. Showing this (long) list of Home Organizations requires a so-called Identity Provider Discovery Service. Instead of operating a Discovery Service itself, a service operator can rely on a central Discovery Service, which is operated by a third party. A centrally maintained Discovery Service offers users a list of Home Organizations to pick from.

In the following we describe one particular Discovery Service for eduGAIN, the DSX Discovery Service.

DSX Discovery Service

The DSX Discovery service is general-purpose SAML2 Discovery Service available to all services that are part of the interfederation service eduGAIN.

If you want to see the Discovery Service in action. Have a look at this DSX Discovery Service Demo, which shows all IdPs that have the

GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct or the REFEDS Research & Scholarship entity categories but hides all IdPs that have the Hide-From-Discovery entity category.

Benefits of the DXS Discovery Service

Target User of DSX Discovery Service

The DSX Discovery Service is a centrally maintained Discovery Service intended to be used by all eduGAIN services in general as its usage is not restricted.
The service is provided as-is.


The DSX Discovery Service is based on the CESNET Discovery Service implementation, which has been operational since 2012. CESNET operates the service on behalf of GÉANT in a pilot phase.

Known Limitations

Support, Bugs and Feature Requests

The DSX Discovery Service is supported by eduGAIN support,

Instructions on how to use the DSX Discovery Service