The DSX Discovery Service lists IdPs by organization name name. The Organization logo is shown on the right side of the name if available.

The source for both, organization name and logo, is eduGAIN metadata.

Organization Name

The organization name is read from the following metadata elements in this particular order:

  • <mdui:DisplayName> within <mdui:UIInfo>

  • <md:OrganizationDisplayName> within <md:Organization>

  • <md:OrganizationName> within <md:Organization>

The DSX Discovery Service chooses logo from the <mdui:Logo> elements using the following process:

  • the first logo with 40 pixels height and en language

  • the first logo with 40 pixels height and any language

  • the first logo with en language

  • the largest logo

The selected logo is scaled to 40 pixels height if necessary. PNG is the recommeded format for the logo.

See SAML V2.0 Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User Interface Version 1.0 and eduGAIN Policy Framework Metadata Profile for more details.

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