eduGAIN Related Tools

Find below a list of tools that are useful when testing eduGAIN

  • eduGAIN Entities Database (EED)
    Ever wanted to get a list of all SPs or IdPs in eduGAIN or look up metadata of a particular entity, and then get a CSV file?
  • eduGAIN IsFederated Check (EIFC)
    Let's you find out which organisations are federated and in eduGAIN yet. Also has the most complete list of organisations in eduGAIN including organisations in H&S federations.
  • eduGAIN Connectivity Check (ECC)
    Automatically checks all IdPs in eduGAIN if they are properly "connected" to eduGAIN by initiating a login once a day and publishing the results.
  • eduGAIN Access Check (EAC)
    Let's an SP administrator perform logins to his own service with a range of test identities with different attributes profiles (e.g. staff, student, researcher, with umlauts, etc.).
  • eduGAIN Metadata Valiator (EMV)
    Check and validate metadata using the eduGAIN Metadata profile rules and recommendations as well as some good practice rulesets

  • eduGAIN Code of Conduct Monitor (ECOCM)
    Shows the status of all SPs that carry the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct entity category. Also sends emails to admins in case their SP violates one of the CoCo rules.
  • eduGAIN Database Access API (EDAA)
    Comprehensive REST/JSON API to query the eduGAIN Entities Database. Used by several of the above tools as basis. Requires an API key.

  • eduGAIN Attribute Release Check (EARC)
    To check how well an IdP is configured when it comes to releasing not too many and not too few attributes to a service, also taking into account entity categories like the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct or REFEDS Research & Scholarship.

  •  eduGAIN F-TICKS (Pilot Work)
    This work builds on the specification of the F-TICKS format in order to measure the amount of authentication events within the eduGAIN Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI).

  • eduGAIN Reporting (Transition to Service)
    • Aggregates information from various sources, such as eduGAIN metadata and F-TICKS, and presents this in an attractive, easy to understand way to put this information readily into the hands of the federation operators. It will allow the generation of different report types.

If you are looking for test Service Providers to test your Identity Provider, please have a look at the page "How to test your IdP" that includes a list of various test SPs operated by different eduGAIN member federations.

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