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The objective of this task is to reach out to targeted user communities and promote the use of federated access via training.

The task will offer different types of training focusing on the needs of the end-user communities:

  • Basic training – The Task will analyse the gaps in knowledge of user communities that have not deployed an identity federation or that have minimal exposure to the concept of federated identity management in order to provide basic support and increase the dissemination of Federation 101.
  • Advanced training – The Task will analyse the needs of targeted user communities that are already running a federation but that use different technologies and that therefore present different requirements in terms of training. Based on the findings it will be possible to reuse the material created in AARC but in a more effective way.
  • Training on AARC results – Training on the final results of AARC1 and the AARC2 pilots and policy activities will in collaboration with other tasks in the project.

The training process and approach

The activities related to training are organized as follows:

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