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One of the goals of AARC project is to offer solutions for the easy creation of Identity Providers for targeted user groups and for libraries and other institutions willing to optimise the uptake of federated identities. This task will promote the solutions developed as part of the project. Part of the task is also to analyse the requirements of these institutions pertaining to all essential aspects of federated Identity Management. Because the type of solutions will depend on the results of JRA1 and SA1, a more detailed description of this work will only be possible at a later stage.

Analyse the requirements of targeted user groups and libraries

This analysis of requirements related to training has been mainly done in three different occasions:

  1. Surveys and interviews leading to the Deliverable DNA2.1: Report on the identification of target groups and their requirements;

  2. Internal discussion at the AARC general meeting held in Milan;
  3. Inteviews targeted to libraries during December 2015 January 2016.


Identified important requirements from user communities and libraries:

  • Standard training on IdP deployment is not needed because already done by federations
  • The need is about a training module for scalable attribute release in federation and interfederation
  • There are specific needs in the library space: federated proxy, federated discovery

Training module on scalable attribute release in federation and interfederation (targeted to Identity Providers and Federation Operators)

The library space


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