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This page is intended to show the different mobility-related activities in GN4:

Activity SA4 - Production Application Services and Infrastructure

This is a new activity in GN4 which brings all of the services that are deemed production in to one activity.  This will eventually include eduPKI, eduroam, eduGAIN, Moonshot, FAAS, and perfSONAR although these will migrate at different times in the process.   Over the course of the project you should expect to see the operational elements of eduroam move here.

Activity SA5 - Trust and Identity Service Development

The development aspects of eduroam and non-web AAI continue to be in SA5 alongside all the other development aspects of identity. This includes the following activities:

  • Core technology development: This work item will actively participate in 2-3 standards bodies of particular relevance to eduroam,represent the interests of the eduroam service and initiate developments to the core eduroam technology and service as driven by standards.
  • Supporting services development: This work item will carry out feature requests and bug fixes as identified by the eduroam steering group and the operations tasks. It will also deliver the ongoing harmonisation of various eduroam supporting components (including CAT, the service web portal and capabilities for eduroam monitoring and reporting) into a consistent suite of tools to ease eduroam adoption and administration. It will liaise with NA2 on the web portal aspects of service delivery.
  • eduroam as a Service: This work item will complement the two technical development work items by developing an approach to productise eduroam’s core technology and supporting services in a way that helps smaller organisations deploy them. The scope will be eduroam IdP as a service and the delivery model to enable NROs to host eduroam IdPs as a service for their smaller user organisations.

Activity SA7 - Supply Chain Support

This includes:

  • Broker attractive cloud and mobile services, which fulfill the needs of the community and are safe and secure to use (facilitate consumption). Aggregate demand and engage providers together.

  • Organise a second procurement wave for mobile services: to help a new group of NRENs with a joint procurement of 3G and 4G mobile telephony and data for end users at significantly lower costs.

  • Facilitate the NRENs which participated in the joint mobile service procurement from GN3plus SA7 T5 with the operational stage and assist them in maximizing the students’ benefits. Continue the collaboration into the next stage of the product lifecycle.

  • implement a coordinated effort to obtain an International Mobile Network Code (I-MNC) via the ITU-T. This would allow users to freely roam across the world, with local tariffs. Obtaining such a code requires a well-coordinated lobby. The outcome is uncertain and the process is likely to take several years (will span the duration of GN4).

Other Areas of Interest

NA3 - Status and Trends.  The Compendium, Campus Best Practice, Green Team and Task Forces all come under this activity, including TF-MNM.

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