Opening panel and workshop introduction

The first day of the workshop will introduce the overarching concepts via a series of presentations and a panel discussion

See video of session on GÉANT Youtube channel


Introduction to the workshop

Who are you, why are we all here, what do we want to achieve?

Mentimeter results

Sarah Jones, GÉANT 

Different pathways: same destination?

This session will introduce the various service delivery options available to institutions and some of the thought processes and considerations to make when determining how to assess and engage providers

Kevin Ashley, Digital Curation Centre

Lessons learned procuring a data discovery platform

This presentation will outline the experience one institution had in running a procurement process, reflecting on lessons in specifying requirements, running the tender process and evaluating options

Laurian Williamson, University of Leicester


National models for service delivery

This presentation will reflect on two experiences of coordinating adoption of a CRIS platform at the national level. In the course of one year, sixty-six Italian institutions adopted the same platform, a version of DSpace-CRIS called IRIS, customized for the Italian research evaluation exercise. More recently, the Peruvian National Council for Science, Technology and Innovation adopted DSpace-CRIS to implement a centralized national CRIS platform. 

Susanna Mornati, 4science

Supporting Open Infrastructure

This past year has shown us the increased need and demand for investments in openness across all areas of research and scholarship -- from content and data to the underlying systems that make those discoveries available and accessible to the world. Invest in Open Infrastructure is an initiative dedicated to improving the funding and resourcing for those underlying technologies and systems. This talk will speak to some of the critical issues and questions surrounding the open technologies necessary to meet the current demand for openness in research and scholarship.

Kaitlin Thaney, Invest in Open Infrastructure

Panel discussion and audience Q&A

An interactive panel discussion to tease out lessons across the various talks and set the context for following sessions. Slido here #34632

Sarah Jones, GÉANT

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