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This collaborative workshop will explore different service delivery models that research institutions can adopt when supporting data management. These could apply to research information management systems (CRIS), data repositories, e-Lab notebooks and many other platforms.

Delivery models typically include open source software that is supported in-house, outsourced hosting of OSS, vendor-supported commercial services, and bespoke institutional services. Various partnership models supported by institutional groups, national consortia and NRENs will also be explored.

The workshop will run adjacent to the 16th Research Data Alliance plenary in Costa Rica. In order to support international participation, all sessions will take place daily at 20:00-22:00 UTC - Check your timezone here.  Attendees can sign up for individual sessions.

Follow on Twitter: #DeliverRDM

Organized by:

Sarah Jones, GÉANT; Kevin Ashley, DCC; Tamsin Burland, Jisc; Raman Ganguly, University of Vienna; Shawn Ross, Macquarie University; Marta Teperek, TU Delft; Kathryn Unsworth, Australian Research Data Commons; Laurian Williamson, University of Leicester.

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