The fourth day of the workshop will address potential partnership models for delivering data services e.g. institutional consortia, national or disciplinary services, procurement / brokering / facilitation by National Research and Educational Networks (NRENs) and others

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Lightning talks

A series of short reflections and case studies from international participants.

The NII research cloud for national data services, Kazutsuna YAMAJI, Research Centre for Open Science in Japan

NII provides a cloud service of the institutional repository which has already been used more than 600 universities in Japan, and is now planning to operate a new service for research data management. Through these experiences I would like to introduce our example how to build the trust partnership with university IT centres and libraries.

Research Data Canada partnerships and collaborations, Mark Leggott, CANARIE

As Canada undertakes the creation of a new national organization for the coordination of HPC, research software and RDM services, the opportunity to redefine the delivery of these services, including the nature of multi-sectoral partnerships, is substantial: Mark Leggott’s remarks will focus on this effort.

The LIBSENSE initiative for data infrastructure in Africa, Omo Oaiya, WACREN

LIBSENSE is a collaboration that brings together the research and education networks (RENs) and academic library communities in order to strengthen open access and open science in Africa.  The talk will discuss plans by the African regional RENs to operate a shared research data management platform.

Building the 4TU.ResearchData communityConnie Clare, TU Delft

4TU.ResearchData is an international data repository for science, engineering and design disciplines. Launched in 2010 as a consortium initiative of three Dutch technical universities; Delft, Eindhoven and Twente, the repository boasts a strong collection of datasets. This talk will showcase the values of the cross-institutional partnership and future plans to build the 4TU.ResearchData community.  

Project Connectome: federating repositories and partnering across universities, Kurt Baumann, SWITCH

The Connectome pilot project at SWITCH aims to create an open data hub in which data from different repositories are made interoperable and thus better usable on the basis of a knowledge graph. In this context SWITCH is forming partnerships across universities via the project connectome and future (business) ideas for growing this community.

Partnerships in Open Science Infrastructure, Eric Olson, Centre for Open Science

Open science tools are by necessity community oriented; recognizing community needs, iterating to respond to changing priorities, and mobilizing communities of practice are a perpetual process featuring constant communication.  This talk will share multiple ways that the Center for Open Science seeks and cultivates partnerships across the research landscape, and looks to the future of increasing overlap between our community friends and technical infrastructure.

Coordinated by Tamsin Burland, Jisc
21:00Short comfort break / movement into breakout roomsCoordinated by Sarah Jones, GÉANT

Interactive workshop

A discussion to explore partnerships between institutions and providers. How can services like NRENs or coordinating bodies help address sector needs? Can national or disciplinary service models avoid each institution reinventing wheels? How can user groups or other mechanisms help providers engage and partner more effectively?

Proposed output

  • 'What I wish I knew before...' lessons on collaborative partnerships

Brainstorming googledoc

Interactive session with inputs from all


Wrap up & next steps

Reflections on how work should progress and opportunities to further develop guidance resources

Tamsin Burland, Jisc

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