Open Source business models

The third day of the workshop will address the value of open source infrastructure, reflect on business models for maintenance and delivery, and explore how we can support these initiatives as a scholarly commons community.

See video of session on GÉANT Youtube channel


Lightning talks

A series of short reflections and case studies from international participants.

Coordinated by Shawn Ross, Macquarie University
20:50Short comfort break / transition to breakout roomsMarta Teperek coordinating

Interactive workshop

Discussion session to reflect on different Open Source options e.g. self-host, pay for service to be run, subscription models etc. The session will gather lessons and case studies on implementing Open Source Software and demonstrating value and impact. In particular we will explore how to develop sustainable business models. 

Planned output

  • Practical lessons and advice on developing business models for Open Source

Brainstorming googledoc

Interactive session with inputs from all


Wrap up & next steps

Reflections on how work should progress and opportunities to further develop guidance resources

Shawn Ross, Macquarie University

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