How to setup a new project and invite project members

1. Go to and login with your credentials.

See how to log in

2. You will be provided with the home page on which you can create your first GitLab project or otherwise it will list the already created ones.

3. You can create a new group and than invite other members to that group in order to collaborate to the assigned project's or directly create a new one. To create new group we need to chose "Create group"

 In this case we will create a new group with name "MyAwesomeGroup"

4. Now we will add members on MyAwesomeGroup and assign the member permissions. More information about members permissions here

Go to Group information → Members

5. Now that we have added members to MyAwesomeGroup we can start create new project. Go to Menu Projects  Your projects → Create a project → Create blank project. Than we can specify a name (1), the group (2), visibility (3) and Create!

How to invite existing GitLab member to project

In order to invite existing members to an existing project first we need to go to the project itself.  Then in project view click on Project information → Members → Invite member tab.

Select a member, choose a role permission, expiration date if needed and click Add to project. Shortly after, an email should arrive at the email address of the invited member.

How to create groups

Groups can be used to create a namespace where you put your projects. You can also give people permissions on the group level. When you create a new project, all the group members will automatically have access to that project.

To create a new group, after we login we expend Menu → Groups and click Your groups → New Group → Create group (on the top right of the screen). Another window will be displayed to fill up group information details (see image below).

More information about groups you can find on official documentation of GitLab at: