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Did you encounter a problem while using a tool? Do you need an access to a particular supporting tool?

Do not hesitate contacting us!

1.1. Submit a ticket in SWD Service Desk

  1. Go to (project HSGO)
  2. Select issue category

    • Feature - for requesting new feature or project

    • Permissions - for grant permissions to an existing projects

    • Problems - for report report any problem regarding security, access to particular service or problem with service itself

    • Virtual Machine - for any issue related to Virtual Machines in QALab

  3. Then select issue type (for example Service problem in Problems category)
  4. Provide Summary (which is obligatory), Description fields

  5. Choose Application to provide service name the issue is related to
  6. Select Create to submit issue.

1.2. Use the mailing list

We use to inform about you GN SWD Infrastructure changes and maintenance. If you have GN AD account which allow you to use SWD tools, you should be added to this list by us. If you don't receive that list email please let us know in SWDSD JIRA project. Go to and rise issue.

1.3. Contact the PSNC sysadmin team

Contact the PSNC sysadmin team: in case of the technical issues regarding SWD Infrastructure and Quality Assurance Testbed.