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GitLab allow to maintain public repositories visible for anyone without active user account. Access to public repositories doesn't require user authorization.
All public repositories are listed on Each public repository is also accessible directly through it's URL (for example

Access to public project (e.g. issues) can be however restricted in project configuration.

For more details please refer to

To create a project you need an access to

For more info how to get access to GitLab, please refer to Accessing GÉA​NT GitLab

How to setup project public

In order to setting up the project or some it's elements public you weed to configure project visibility and permissions.
All settings are located in Project Settings → General → Visibility, project features, permissions

If some options in Project visibility drop down menu are inactive (grayed out) it probably means that project belongs to some group. In such case please set up public visibility for that group first. See How to set group public instructions below.

How to setup group public

  1. Determine group the project belongs to. In project general view check out the project path and click on the group name in the path (red underscore on screenshot below)

  2. In group view go to Settings → General → Naming, visibility and change Visibility level to Public (see screenshot below)

  3. Now it is possible to change project visibility to public as described How-to setup project public

How to access public project

Project with public visibility can be accessed by direct project link. 

In order to obtain direct link go to your project settings