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Make an impact on the overall quality of GN software-based services, as well as the way development teams work on a daily basis.

School of Software Engineering 2019 (SSE19)

"Design Thinking in Software Engineering"


  • User centered design

  • How to design better products

  • The discovery, ideation, design, prototyping and validating phases


19  INDIVIDUALS               6  NRENs

From the participants:

New approach to software design and development”

"A better quality of newly created information systems and tools."

"Presentation contained some real data and lots of various tools to use in order to design a prototype. That's a big plus for me. Thank you!" 

School of Software Engineering 2020 (SSE20)

"Event Storming and Domain Driven Design"


  • What is Event Storming and Domain Driven Design
  • How to effectively learn a business domain
  • How to conduct an ES-session
  • How to approach business domain modelling in your software


19  INDIVIDUALS               11  NRENs

From the participants:

“Despite COVID-19, the training was really good!”

"Good online workshops where sub-groups are formed on demand."

"Improved process understanding and successful implementations with stakeholder expectations met" 

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