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In case you visit GitLab for the first time your account need to be created first. User registration can be done in 2 main ways.

1. By Federation Authentication (SSO). This is only possible if you have an account provided by an Identity Provider on which GitLab has permission to ask authenticating users. This is when you are GÉA​NT Project member).

2. By requesting access for collaborator from outside GÉA​NT Project.  To invite a person (or people) who is not the GN4-3 member but is going to take part in collaborative software development, please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Go to Software Tools HelpDesk to create an ticket.
  2. Choose Permissions category than Grant permissions as issue type.
  3. Provide information about new collaborator: Name, Surname, E-mail, NREN/organization new collaborator belongs to.

GitLab administrator will, on your behalf, grant access for all verified people outside the GÉA​NT project. Next new collaborator will get an e-mail from COmanage  Registry system with invitation to SWDS group. After accepting invitation the user will be able to log in to GitLab using Federated Authentication (SSO) with their Identity Provider (see Pt. 1)