Step 1: WP1 T5 (GLAD) publishes learning events 

Step 2: Interested GN5.1 participants

  • Get time approval from WPL/TLs to attend the event 
  • Get finance approval from their home NREN to cover the event expenses 

Step 3: Participants' local NREN pays the event expenses in accordance with NREN's expense policy. 

Individuals can claim both manpower and travel & subsistence for attending training. Both should be claimed in the same way. For NRENS, please claim the same way as you would on any other project costs. 

Please note: travel and time costs should be claimed through your local NREN and Work Package. Participants should always allocate time and costs to the WP that they are working on i.e. the WP that require them to attend the training.

IMPORTANT: When booking, participants should choose options that allow them to recover costs in the event of cancellations. In the case of cancellations, the costs will be ineligible for EC funding and participants will need to recover costs from insurance.

Step 4: GN5.1 participants attend the event

Step 5: GN5.1 participants report on their attendance in accordance with home NREN rules

Step 6: Home NREN claims expenses from WP1 T5 (GLAD)

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