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The following FAQ may be useful for projects funded under the NGI_Trust First Open Call to help manage your project.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Is there a template for project deliverables?

Yes - this is available for download on this wiki.  We recognise your deliverables will be very diverse in type so please consider this guidance only and adapt to your needs.

Where should I submit my deliverables? 

Please submit deliverables to the Project Coordinator via the mailing list and cc your project coaches. 

Who should I contact for support?

Please contact your project coaches in the first instant.  These can be found here: Coaching

What if I want to make a change to my project plan / deliverables?

Please make the request to your coaches.  This will be discussed and approved by your coaches.

If you need an extension or a change to your financial plan, a request should be submitted to the project coordinator (EFIS Centre) after discussion with your coaches.

What do I need to do to claim funding?

Financial support will be paid in instalments against the achievement of milestones as follows (interim payments may be divided into smaller amounts with respect to the agreed milestones):

  • 40% after signature of the sub-grantee contract by both parties;
  • 45% after the completion of the project milestones and positive evaluation by NGI_Trust coaches of the outcomes;
  • 15% final instalment paid after approval of the final report including the financial report by the NGI_Trust Management Board.

Is there a logo for NGI_Trust I can use?

Projects funded by NGI_Trust are welcome to use the "funded by NGI" logo.  Please contact us at  if you need a specific format.

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