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NGI_Trust supports the development of a human-centric Internet by developing a stronger European ecosystem of researchers, innovators and technology developers in the field of privacy and trust enhancing technologies.   The NGI_Trust project put out its second call for proposals in February 2020 in order to support its objectives in terms of supporting developments in the field of privacy and trust enhancing technology, improving user trust and acceptance of emerging technologies and fostering the exploitation and commercialisation of trust and privacy projects.  As part of this call, NGI_Trust funded (19) projects which will develop their proposals over the next nine to twelve months.  The projects funded in the third call broadly support the following ideas: personal data management, data ethics, securing the Internet of Things and advancing identity.

Personal Data Management

There is a strong interest in personal data management with the desire to both give users more control of their own data and to reduce the amount of data in the hands of commercial companies. DAppNode, Cassiopeia, PaE Consent Gateway, Solid4DS, APPSE and GeoWallet will look at these issues from a variety of different angles including data sovereignty, control of mobility data and policy requirements.

Data Ethics

Alongside security and privacy, we need to think about data ethics and fundamental principles about data usage and the safety of users based on this data.  This category includes projects looking at ethical issues with licensing, fake news, safety issues with vehicle data and access to the internet for children. 5 projects are in this category: IRIS, DeepFake, Casper 2.0, FAIR-AI 2.0 and TruVeLedger.

Securing the Internet of Things

The growing use of smart devices at home, in offices and on the move creates significant issues with securing the Internet of Things.  MedIAM, TOTEM, PRIMA, IoTrust, and PY-2.0 will explore the many use cases in which we rely on IoT approaches, including smart medical devices, the connected home and remote working, privacy concerns in data collection and security of devices. 

Advancing Identity

We have the opportunity of advancing identity approaches as we learn more about how our identities are used online. AnonymAI, MW4ALL 2.0, Keyn 2.0 and MidScale will look at issues including identity free approaches to every-day tasks, automatic anonymisation of data and strengthening identity management systems.  Several of these projects are projects advancing ideas already explored in previous NGI_Trust funding rounds.

For more information on the projects please visit: Funded Projects Call 3

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