Agenda - 15th of October (Monday)

12:30 - 13:30

Light lunch upon arrival

13:30 - 14:00

Welcome, introductions, update on other related activities (WISE, Global CEO Forum Security group, FIRST Academic SIG) - Alf Moens (SURFnet) & Sigita Jurkynaite (GÉANT)

What is new?

WISE: After some of the WISE Steering Committee members attended the SIG-ISM Open workshop in conjunction with TNC in June, it was decided to have a joint meeting at the beginning of 2019 where some parts would be plenary and some - work in groups. We are looking for a date at the end of February/beginning of March now. LITNET has offered to host the meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania (this will need to be confirmed once we have the dates).

Global CEO Forum Security working group: the group is continuing to grow and has identified 3 new working areas: Education & Awareness, Resiliance (Business Continuity) and Governance. CEO Security checklist is still not ready to be shared.

ACTION: Sigita and Alf to find out when is it going to be made public.

FIRST Academic SIG: Had their first F2F meeting in June at the FIRST Annual Conference. Focus was on identifying common challenges and needs and now the group will move on to working on the goals they set out. Many of the themes are similar to those of SIG-ISM and other groups (trusted lists of contacts, training materials, etc).

14:00 - 15:00

Updates on regional collaborations & Community updates

  • BENELUX regional group had two meetings - one in Brussels, one in Luxembourg. Third meeting will be organised by Alf Moens at SURFnet. Visits work very well in getting to know each other and also as an opportunity to talk to the teams in other organisations, get to know their challenges and look at how those can be overcome together.
  • UK-Ireland - no update
  • NORDIC group had a meeting at NORDUnet conference in September. The initial plan was to have a teleconference every quarter and a F2F meeting once a year. There will be one more meeting next week organised by a new colleague from Sweden.
    The NORDIC security experts are invited to participate at a joint project together with CERN and to take part in the security part of the NEIC project.

    ACTION: Sigita and Alf to follow up with James on the progress of the UK-Ireland regional working group.

    Community Updates:

    Cynthia Wagner - RESTENA

    Christian Fötinger - Bavarian Universities

    Fernand de Decker - BELNET (TLP: Amber)

15:00 - 15:30Coffee break
15:30 - 15:45

GÉANT GN4-3 Security Work Package (WP8) - Alf Moens (SURFnet) & Sigita Jurkynaitė (GÉANT)

General introduction

15:45 - 17:00

GN4-3 WP8 Task 1 and Task 2

How can SIG-ISM be involved? - Interactive workshop

Post-it session results

The group looked into how SIG-ISM can be involved in GN4-3 WP8 in the future. Some people will have the more active role as project participants, but others are invited to take an advisory role, especially in Task 1 Business Continuity (Incident Response, Crisis Management, Training and Awareness) and Task 2 Security Baselining (also includes Risk Management) given that the SIG has been working on those topics for a few years.

The group discussed the ways it can be involved, the content that can be offered for the task leaders and some expected outcomes that would benefit their organisations.


17:00 - 17:15Closing remarks
19:00 - 23:00Group dinner kindly sponsored by RESTENA (at the venue of the meeting)Agenda - 16th of October (Tuesday)

08:45 - 09:00

Arrival and coffee

09:00 - 10:30

Working in groups:

WG 1: Inventory for Security Officers

WG 2: Guidance on setting up and running ISMS for NRENs

WG 3: Security Awareness

10:30 - 10:45

Wrap up - short presentations on the work done


10:45 - 11:00Coffee break
11:00 - 13:00

Review of (CLAW) guideline for Crisis Management - Charlie van Genuchten (SURFnet)

Please find the guideline HERE.

  • What works?
  • What questions should be added?
  • What is missing?

ACTION: Øivind Høiem to translate and diseminate the table about what is crisis and what is incident from the UNIT (Norway) crisis management plan.

ACTION: Christian Foetinger (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg) to share a communications guideline of DOs and DONTs of crisis communication.

13:00 - 14:00Wrap up, lunch, departures
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  1. Here is the link to documents we have already created in Bavaria.

    in ISMS you find the Mastertheses from Sabine Schnitzler in English.