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Belnet is the Belgian national research network that provides high-bandwidth internet connection and services to Belgian universities, colleges, schools, research centers, and government departments.


Belnet as organisation

Belnet is a federal government organisation, established in 1993, and belongs to the Federal Science Policy. Belnet has more than 70 employees who work daily in a dynamic high tech environment on:

  1. The Belnet network: the Belgian research network for Belgian universities, schools of higher education, research centers and government services.
  2. The BNIX platform: the Belgian internet exchange that makes possible high-speed data exchange, among others, between Internet service providers and Internet content providers in Belgium.

Name of NREN/Project/InstituteExample Project Institute Homepage
 General Overview
 Security Emergency contact

How to contact in an emergency

E.g. E-mail(s) or link to instructions

 How to report a security incident Incident reporting e-mail(s) preferably, and/or links to instructions
RFC 2350

 Link to relevant public document if you have one,

or who to contact

Security officer individual e-mail if you wish, some make public, some don't
Data Protection Officer (GDPR)
Hosting Organisation 
Who is in charge of the NREN/Project Could include deputies
ISMLink to ISM for this project, or person to contact if not public
Policy Documents (incl. AUP)Link to policy docs for this project, or person to contact if not public
Software Vulnerability handlingLink to procedure/web, or who to contact
Security MonitoringLink to security monitoring information, if present, or who to contact
Other incident PreventionAny other incident prevention work
Incident handlingIncident handling procedure - if public, if not who to contact
Any other contact information
Compliance with standards-
 ipv4/ipv6 prefixes (more suitable for NRENs or sites than very dist. infrastructures)
Identity information 
 Authorization information 
 Links to blogs, reports, anything you wish. 
 Other functions 
 Individual members (as you wish)
 Projects people work on (if you wish)
People's expertise 

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