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EGI is a distributed multinational project which delivers advanced computing services to support scientists, multinational projects and research infrastructure.

It includes a Distributed Computing Infrastructure incorporating over 250 datacentres contributing resources to the infrastructure.

Please note that some links request a certificate, but if you do not present a certificate you can still view the information.

EGI Intranet
EGI Wiki - Includes some technical documentation
Security Policy documentation
EGI CSIRT public web

Software Vulnerability Group - Wiki
Software Vulnerability Issue handling procedure
How to report a software vulnerabilityEmail: report-vulnerability (at) egi . eu
How to report a security incidentEmail: abuse (at) egi . eu
Contact the security teamEmail: security (at) egi . eu
Security incident handling procedure
Various procedures on the Wiki
EGI Document server - many documents are public
Security officer contacts(Individuals not public) but can be contacted by E-mail: security (at) egi . eu 
EGI publications, including EGI CSIRT report 'Keeping EGI Secure'

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  1. Pretty extensive material, I think. I noticed that most material is shielded, can you which parts are public and which are shielded?