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TF-NOC: TERENA Task Force on Network Operation Centres

A task force is established under the auspices of the TERENA Technical Programme with the primary aim to offer a forum for leading staff members of Network Operation Centres (NOCs). It is facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration in order to foster the development and improvement of NOCs, primarily within the  research and education community.

The Task Force will be open to any individual who can offer appropriate expertise, manpower, equipment or services. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

The Task Force mailing list is:, mail archives are here (password protected)

The Task Force website can be found here:

The Task Force Terms of Reference

The aims of this Task Force are:

  1. to provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience and knowledge related to Network Operation Centres;
  2. to explore and get an understanding of the taxonomy of Network Operation Centres (i.e., NOC types, models and structures);
  3. to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge on NOC tools, functions, workflows, procedures and best practices;
  4. to facilitate inter-NOC communication and collaboration;
  5. to foster collaboration on various NOC service improvements and (open source) tool developments;
  6. to work together with related TERENA task forces such as TF-MSP and also liaise with other communities such as GN3-APM, GN3-JRA2, and EGI.

List of Work Items:

Action points

On the action point page you can view the current status on action point agree on during our meeting.

Work Item leaders' VC minutes

On the WI leaders page you can find the agreed minutes of the work item leaders' discussion.

Working method

The general working method for the work items of the Task Force is:

  1. Analyse the current situation
    • Look at what we already have
  2. Collection of best practices
    • See if there are already good practices. There might be some out there already.
  3. Formulate proposals and recommendations
    • Make recommendations. These might be to write some good practice documents if we discover there are some missing in Step 2.

Restricted pages

These pages are restricted to TF-NOC users.


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