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This is the list of services connected to the MyAcademicID Identity Access Management Service, which provides Identity and Federated access management for the services of the European Student Card Initiative and the services directly supporting the digitisation of Erasmus+. The MyAcademicID IAM Service is provided by GÉANT using the eduTEAMS service.

NameDescriptionPrivacy NoticeTerms of Use
OLA - Online Learning AgreementThe Online Learning Agreement is a digital solution built by universities and students, with the support of the European Commission, for one of the most important steps of any Erasmus exchange: correctly managing the Learning Agreement, which is a central document to ensure the recognition of ECTS earned abroadLinkLink
Erasmus+ AppThe Erasmus+ App will guide you through your mobility journey and allow you to find all the relevant information and services to make your exchange more enriching and smooth. The Erasmus+ App is brought to you by the European Commission as part of the European Student Card Initiative established to digitise and simplify the administrative procedures in student mobility!LinkLink
PhD HubThe PhD Hub is an online portal for business-driven research. It centralises research and funding opportunities from the public and private sectors and increases the transferability of the PhD results in the Industry and society at large. We request connection as an eduTEAMS SP in order to take advantage of local home university academic user accounts for personalized services on the PhdHub platform (searching for available research positions under personal profile preferences).Link Link
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