What is the EWP Admin role?

The EWP Admin role (Erasmus Without Paper Administrator role) has been defined to enable authorised representatives of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) participating in Erasmus+ activities to login in a federated manner to EWP tools to manage their EWP information and settings.

The EWP Admin is encoded as a SAML2 attribute named eduPersonEntitlement (urn:oid:, assigned by the HEI participating in the Erasmus+ to the staff members that need to access the EWP network management tools (such as EWP Registration Portal, etc.).

The EWP Admin role is transported via eduGAIN, upon successful authentication of the entitled staff.

EWP Admin Role Specification

For HEIs/Identity Providers

HEIs supporting the EWP Admin role shall release this information for the appropriate staff members in the SAML2 Assertions issued by their Identity Provider to MyAcademicID as an eduPersonEntitlement attribute with the following value:


For more information about the full list of attributes expected from Identity Providers, read Attributes required from Higher Education Institutions

For EWP Service Providers

Read: Attributes available to Relying Parties#Entitlements

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