Create an umbrella view for the GÉANT Association and the GÉANT community about specific thematic areas that are under the portfolio expertise. Liaise with experts from the field internally and externally (GÉANT project, GCP, EC, research organisations, industry...etc) to ensure trends and challenges are integrated with the strategic direction of GÉANT.

Essential requirements:
  • Be considered as a subject matter expert in a thematic area with a broad network within and ideally also outside of the broader GEANT Community.
  • Advise the GCC related to the areas of expertise the member represents in terms of trends, emerging topics, issues, activities and lifecycle.
  • Able to represent a portfolio of TF/SIGs related to the area of expertise to;
    • Follow the respective GCP activities and liaise with steering committees and coordinators of those activities (corresponding with the expertise area the GCC member represent)
    • Act as a bridge for the topic area between the GCP activity and the GÉANT project/organisation and facilitate harmonisation of activities.
    • Provide oversight of TF/SIG performance related to meeting expectations (linked to scorecard).
    • Support coordinators in identifying trends, introducing content for planning of programme of the activity.
  • Contribute to the GCP annual review with the GEANT board on the GCP activities the GCC member represents with insight and recommendations for trends, challenges and issues.
  • Community programme ambassador - strategy/promotion/success of the GCP (TF/SIGs, Innovation programme, Community Award, new initiatives) - on a global basis
  • Support the GCC chair/co-chair as required
  • Innovation Programme - mentorship for the subject matter area the committee member represents, providing a liaison role between the GCP activities and the respective project, provide recommendation for continuity.
Additional responsibilities to the Chair and Co-chair:
  • GÉANT Exec Interaction - The co-chair of GCC is conduit to GÉANT Exec - quantification and expectation to be set of capability/capacity issue of co-chair to single handedly undertake this
  • GÉANT Project coordination - The chair of GCC ensures timely coordination with the GÉANT project

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