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This is the home of the GÉANT Community Committee (GCC) - formerly the TERENA Technical Committee.  The Committee has oversight of the GÉANT Community Programme.

The GCC operates under the auspices of the GA via an agreed terms of reference.

The community programme is an open initiative and as such this wiki space and all associated papers are publicly available.  The official public file store for the GCC can be found at:

The GCC is closely associated with the GN4 Project Task on Task Force and SIG Coordination.

The GÉANT Community Programme Slack channel is  To join please sign-up here.



The objectives of the GCC are to:

  • Mutually assist NRENs in providing students, lecturers and scientists the best possible Internet and ICT facilities, by e.g. sharing ideas, best practices, harmonise procedures, picking the best technologies, or jointly tackling an issue;

  • Assist GÉANT in matters related to community-driven collaborative initiatives.


GÉANT Community Committee Members

Chair and GÉANT Board Member:

  • Claudio Allocchio, GARR (term: April 2020 - April  2024)


  • Paul Rouse

Other members of the committee are:

  • Guido Aben, AARnet (term: April 2016- April 2022)
  • Anna Wilson, HEAnet. (term: April 2016- April 2022)
  • Branka Vuk, CARNET (Term: June 2019 - June 2022)
  • János Mohácsi, KIFÜ (Term: June 2019 - June 2022)
  • David Groep, NIKHEF / AEGIS (Term: June 2019 - June 2022)
  • Victoriano Giralt, Uni Malaga / Groningen Declaration (Term: June 2019 - June 2022)
  • Sabine-Jaume, RENATER (Term: June 2019 - June 2022)

Previous Members:

  • Andrew Cormack, Jisc. (term: April 2016- April 2019)
  • Simon Leinen, SWITCH. (term: April 2016- April 2019)
  • Diego Lopez, Telefonica. term: April 2017 - April 2020)
  • Alf Moens, SURFnet. (term: April 2016- April 2019)
  • Damien La Carpentier, CSC. (term: April 2016 - April 2017)
  • Peter Schober, ACOnet. (term: April 2016 - April 2017)
  • Johan Bergström, Umeå. (term: April 2017 - April 2018)
  • Claudio Allocchio (term April 2016 - April 2020)
  • Valter Nordh, Sunet (term April 2016 - April 2020) - chair

GÉANT Community Committee Meetings

Past TTC Meetings

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