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This is an ongoing activity: Come up with a topic for a one of workshop (In total minimum 4 to take place in a year) the GCC chairs and coordinator decide on the support via email (For physical meetings maximum 4 per year with average size ~20 pax).


Workshop topics suggestions

2021 - virtual:

    • eHealth (Mario Reale) - Positive response.

Action Log - Closed Actions 


Circulate what resources are available for GN4-3 Community Programme



To propose a mechanism how to fund attendance at Standardization Groups. Document what should happen when we have an engaged head and funding pot.

COMPLETE. Guido provided the update.

There is no funding problem. However there is problem to find manpower / right people to commit.

Guido had a talk with Brook and provided reference documents to insert into the document.


to write a proposal for collaboration on supporting Small Projects with the Vietsch Foundation


Klaas had call with Valentino. At this moment the Vietsch Foundation is lacking proposals, and so are we. We have agreed to revisit this when the opportunity arises.


Contact GEGC to ask if they can take the ownership for the Mobility Day



Have a list of options available with conditions related to remote participation to the meetings and have an in depth discussion at the next meeting. (full experience remote attendance by host NREN, limited remote attendance, face-to-face only meeting)

Provided information via email.


Guidelines for TF / SIG chairs

DONE: TF and SIG Chair and Steering Committee members Guidelines


GEANT how many of those high effort meetings can it support

Closed: 4 workshop per year per the GN4-3 workplan


Open Calls for Workshop - draft the process and requirement


Open Calls for Workshop


Valter to discuss with Klaas about the practicalities of the PDOs and the group to have a plan for continuity

Took actions (Klaas and Valter to provide more information)

Andrew: 2 PDOs (1 main and 1 shadowing) to follow a TF or SIG activities.


Valter will come back with a statement / overview of resources allocated to run the workshops by the next meeting. How many workshops can we run?

(See as above - 4 workshop per year)


Value statement / proposition from TF-CSIRT (Value to GEANT organisation having the brand in the incident response world

Value to members and GEANT as network operator to have this collaboration

Value in having a host with relatively little baggage (good reputation being neutral)

Cost to GEANT members to have it hosted elsewhere will have a negative impact)

See TF-CSIRT Strategy: https://tf-csirt.org/2017/12/18/tf-csirt-defines-strategy/.


Value statement for a function of a PDO

DRAFTED: Task Force and SIG Secretary Role.


Value statement for GÉANT running TFs and SIGs

Organising a TF or SIG meeting

Internal Presentation: Value of TFs and SIGs

External Presentation: Value of TFs and SIGs

Keep this open for the next meeting.


Value statement for the community programme - Terms of reference for the GCC

It is on the agenda for discussion for 6 February meeting.


Going back to GEANT management to try to find alternative solution for resourcing TF-CSIRT



GCC to create a statement to support the importance of keeping TF-CSIRT under GEANT



contact Marcoms to help prepare a quarterly email to GA with summaries of blogs

COMPLETE - guidelines communicated to Rosanna Norman.


Specialised interest experts communication - TF / SIG secretaries to identify which channels they use

Done: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AGwaaG3kHlNMJ_xJeDbZT3IT3vixl3HfSfOC1H6pYnY/edit?usp=sharing


VALTER / KLAAS to have a meeting together to discuss the overview of resources within GEANT



Valter and Raimundas to find a time for a joint meeting


ACTION20190206Nicole HarrisContact GEGC to ask if they can take the ownership for the Mobility DayCOMPLETE


Nicole Harris

to reformat the SIG and Task Force templates so that the main text is included as a standard template with a cover sheet with a few targeted questions.  This should include: clear target audience / participants, objectives, KPIs, SC members, topic areas and expected discussions. 


New Task Force Template

New SIG Template


Nicole Harris

to implement a process whereby GCC members are asked to act as sponsors for SIG and TF proposals.



Valter Nordh

to lead a discussion around the community consultation at the next meeting of the GCC.



Nicole Harris

to take a recommendation to approve SIG-SCOPE to the GÉANT Management Team and for a member of staff to be allocated to support this SIG.



Nadia Sluer and Nicole Harris

to communicate the need to address less ambitious KPIs and interworking with other TFs and SIGs to the SIG SCOPE steering committee.



Nicole Harris

to take a recommendation to approve SIG-NGN to the GÉANT Management Team and for a member of staff to be allocated to support this SIG.



Brook Schofield and Nicole Harris

to communicate the need to for KPIs and a well defined focus on “next generation” to the SIG-NGN steering committee.



Nicole Harris

to communicate the support of the GCC to the SIG-PMV steering committee.



Nicole Harris

to take a recommendation to approve SIG-MarComms to the GÉANT Management Team. 



Nicole Harris

to take a recommendation to approve SIG-MSP to the GÉANT Management Team. 



Nicole Harris, Peter Szegedi and Alesssandra Scicchitano

to update the KPIs for existing SIG as appropriate. 



Nicole Harris

to ask all Task Force and SIGs to consider their engagement with groups outside of NRENs and where communication can be improved.

COMPLETE: External Organisations within TFs and SIGs



Valter Nordh and Nicole Harris

to ensure that appropriate invitations are passed to the GPPC for GCC meetings.



Peter Szegedi

to discuss relationship between SIG NOC and SIG-PMV with both groups and ensure that overlaps are managed.



Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris to take a recommendation to support the approval of SIG-PMV forward as part of the GÉANT Community Programme and assign appropriate staff to support the group.




Nicole Harris

 to circulate more information to the GCC about both Trans-National Education and Science and Research Engagement when available. 



Nicole Harris

to make sure that all areas of the GCP (Task Forces, Special Interest Groups, ad hoc events and projects) are indicated on the agenda even if there are no specific updates in this area.




to comment on the proposed new templates for TFs and SIGs by end August 2016.     





Nicole Harris

to write a brief paper on how Partners, Users and Stakeholder Relations activities could work within the GÉANT Community Programme.



Valter Nordh

to discuss scope and coverage of GÉANT projects and responsibility of the GCC in relation to community projects

ACTION20161006-01Nicole Harris to talk to the communities mentioned in the graphic to make sure that they are happy with the way in which their community is represented.COMPLETE
ACTION20161006-02Nicole HarrisGÉANT staff to start collecting information for the NREN reports and investigate the ways of representation and communication that would make the information about TFs and SIGs more accessible (iconography, blogs, general reports, etc.)COMPLETE
 ACTION20161006-06Peter Szegedito change the wording of the 6th aim of the SIG-Multimedia ToR in order to get the proposal fully accepted.COMPLETE
ACTION20161006-07Peter Szegedito make arrangements to close down TF-WebRTC and establish SIG-Multimedia as part of the GCP portfolio.COMPLETE



Nicole Harris

to send the initial proposal regarding the Wifi4EU to the members of the GCC.


GÉANT staff

to come back to GCC with more concrete proposals for workshops after talking to the group suggesting them.




Nicole Harris

to move discussion of small projects to the next meeting agenda. 

 ACTION20161006-04Nicole Harris to inform the TF-RED group that GCC is postponing accepting this proposal, ask for more input, and once it is provided, organise a VC of the GCC and the NRENs working on the proposal to make the decision (before the next GCC meeting).COMPLETE
ACTION20161006-01Sigita Jurkynaite

GÉANT staff to organise an annual meeting of the chairs of the TFs and SIGs (possibly at TNC).


Claudio Allocchio

to contact the APM group and SIG-NOC to inquire whether those groups could be instrumental in collecting and sharing information in order to bridge the gap between network engineers and users.

ACTION20161006-05Nicole Harris

to take appropriate actions to close down TF-MNM as a Task Force.

ACTION20160426-12Peter Szegedito bring a proposal for TF-Storage futures to the next GCC meeting.CLOSED
ACTION201702024-01Peter Szegedi

to update the SIG-CISS Charter to take account of input from GCC members.

ACTION201702024-02Sylvia Kuipersto update the TF-RED Charter to add workpackage leader names. COMPLETE
ACTION201702024-03Sigita Jurkynaiteto update the SIG-TNE Charter to reflect the changes proposed by the GCC.COMPLETE
ACTION201702024-05Laura Durnford

to update the SIG-Marcomms and SIG-MSP KPIs as soon as possible and present to GCC.

ACTION201702024-08Valter Nordhto distribute GÉANT Service Requirements Analysis documents to GCC members.   COMPLETE
ACTION201702024-09GCC Members

to discuss a statement on the Open Science Cloud Declaration at the next meeting. 

ACTION20170411-08Nicole Harris to draft a statement for the GA on attribute release.AARC paper circulated to the GA and Valter highlighted the importance of this requirement
ACTION20170411-04Sigita Jurkynaite to write up a formal NPAPWS special project proposal for GCC’s approval. ON AGENDA
ACTION20170411-05Nicole Harris to add the Up2U project report to the agenda of the next GCC meeting.ON AGENDA
ACTION20170411-06Nicole Harris to write a draft paper on the radar exercise and the findings to be presented to the GCC at the next meeting for approval. ON AGENDA
ACTION201702024-04Brook Schofield

to update the SIG-NGN KPIs as soon as possible and present to GCC.

ACTION201702024-06Nadia Sluerto prepare a presentation on SIG-SCOPE for the next GCC meeting, working with the SIG-SCOPE group.PUSHED TO NEXT MEETING, NADIA UNAVAILABLE


Nicole Harris

to propose a cross-organisation security meeting covering operational security, community security efforts, and security research when the CISO role is recruited and to ensure that security work within the GÉANT security programme is well aligned with the broader GÉANT security strategy.

Postponed due to ongoing restructure.
ACTION20170411-01Klaas Wierenga

to prepare a presentation for discussion on the role of the Community Support Team and the GCC in promoting innovation within the GÉANT Community.

ACTION20170411-02Klaas Wierenga to prepare a summary of the community ideas (other than TFs and SIGs) and examples of how they were realised. Nicole Harris to provide inputs. FOR OCTOBER MEETING
ACTION20170411-07Simon Leinento draft a proposal for the GA on the Boston declaration.STILL TO DO  - will send after the Amsterdam meeting for Boston Declaration. 


All Members

prepare a statement for the next GA meeting from the GCC at the October 2017 meeting 

On the October Agenda


Valter Nordh

talk to the GÉANT Board about allocating funding for NPAPW



Peter Szegedi

bring further proposals on education themed activities to the October 2017 GCC meeting

On the October Agenda


Nicole Harris

prepare a proposal on managing dormant / non-active groups for the next GCC meeting

On the October Agenda

FINAL version on agenda for February meeting

20171024-06Nicole Harris

to finalise the proposal on Closing GCP activities for the next GCC meeting. 

On February Agenda.
20171024-07Nicole Harris

to prepare a Mentimeter for the next GCC meeting to demonstrate to members.    

On February Agenda. 
20171024-03Nicole Harris

to prepare an update on the Community Programme for the next GA meeting. 

20171024-04Nicole Harris

to prepare a proposal for a lightning talk style session on Task Forces and SIGs at TNC18.

Complete - unfortunately the proposal was rejected.
20170411-03Sigita Jurkynaite and Nicole Harris to make a proposition for the strategy exercise for TFs and SIGs together with the Learning & Development team. Approach being used with SIG-ISM and WISE



Nicole Harris

arrange at TF and SIG Chairs meeting at TNC18 with more dedicated time

On the October Agenda

See proposals around TNC on February agenda

20171024-01Valter Nordh and Klaas Wierengato raise the issues of bridging the innovation pipeline gap with the Board and with the GPPC.

In progress - short report for the next meeting. 

See proposals on innovation enable in GN4 white papers

20180222-01Valter Nordh

to distribute the list of GCC members and the end of their terms.

20180222-02Nicole Harris

to develop webpage/application process for small project funds before next GCC meeting.

20180222-04GGCto give input on GN4 White Papers.Closed.
20180410-01Casper DreefRevise and redistribute the minutes of the 8th GCC meeting.Closed.
20171024-02Nicole Harris and Nadia Sluer

to start the process of closing SIG-SCOPE. 

20171024-05Brook Schofield

to provide an update on SIG-NGN status for the next meeting.    

20180222-03Nicole Harris and Klaas Wierenga

to take funding process for small projects up with finance.

20180410-02Valter Nordh, Nicole Harris, Klaas Wierenga, Guido Aben, Alf Moens, Claudio AllocchioTo discuss a support mechanism for task forces and SIGs.Closed.
20180410-03Casper DreefTo organize a VC about the current TF-SMD proposal with proposers.Closed.

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