This page tracks progress with Task Force work items.


TF-CSIRT tasks and activities are managed via the TF-CSIRT Strategy


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Estimated Time for Completion

Audience Definition and Scoping Phase

(Activity Leader: Sylvia)

* Define audiences for NREN/ICT/local research support offices perspective.

* Internal documentation and scoping for TF collaborators and NREN community.

Q1 2017

* Define research areas or communities (i.e., life sciences, climate, humanities, etc.) for TF collaborators. Extract from these defined areas research champions/advocates.

* Create research advisory council for the TF from participating NREN countries.

Q3 2017

* Communicate TF-RED initiatives to influential funders and/or research officials.


Investigation and Data Gathering Phase

(Activity Leaders: David Salmon and Jakob Tendel)

* Select approx. 5 partner NRENs to participate in gathering network/organization-related data

* Publish report sharing findings and results with the international community regarding RED.

Q4 2017

Create contact list of other infrastructures with brief description and collaboration opportunities

* List of contacts

Analysis and Reporting Phase

(Activity Leader: Vincenzo Capone, Sylvia as back-up)

* Work with SIG Marcomms to define mechanisms to publish the outcomes from TF-RED.

* Public website presence.


* Community presentations to research domain peers and NREN community presentations to share outcomes.

* Workshop(s) and planned conference sessions (at DI4R, ISC, SC, ICT Open) with e-infrastructure collaborators on materials and issues ultimately increasing the value and face of R&E to other infrastructure resources.




 Moving from a TF to a SIG and rechartering.

In progress

 Creating a directory of DPOs for NRENs. 

List of contacts(When to be expected?)
NREN engagement for participation and get up to date information on GDPR status.More activity within the SIG and joint collaborations(When to be expected?)
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