A query to guage initial interest in a possible 2017 workshop on crisis management was sent out by GEANT staff to various lists and contacts in October. The fllowing responses were received:


John CreavenHEANetinterested in participating in / contributingLaura & Nicole
Rob VietzkeInternet2interested in participating. We’d need to include both Internet2 management and our partners at the GlobalNOC. We do have various NOC recovery procedures in place as well as some initial effort on a higher layer ITSM risk and incident management activity, however if this program was more comprehensive, it would be a good learning experience for us and might help us identify new areas for effort.Laura & Nicole
Cynthia WagnerRESTENAwould definitely participate in such a workshop. Interesting would be
to see best practices on how to communicate between teams internally and
the communication strategies to the outside to effectively manage a
Laura & Nicole
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