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To conform to all the necessary requirements, the engagement of schools with the project will be formally based on a written document, namely a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The Up2U MoU provides terms and understanding between the project consortium and the pilot school. The document outlines the context of the project, its activities, expected outcomes, and the obligations of the participants.

Signing the MoU with a particular school enables the consortium to create privileged user accounts for the contact persons indicated in the document. Next, the privileged staff is entitled to manage the access rights of the other teachers of the school. Finally, after the necessary consents have been collected, teachers are able to invite their students to join the platform and benefit from our tools and services.

The recent version is version 4, dated 7th February 2018:

MoU will be signed in English or in a bilingual version, depending on preferences of the pilot countries:

Pilot countryTranslation?Responsible person
Italyalmost doneGiorgio (GARR)
Greecenot required-
Polanddone, version 4.2Michal (PSNC)
CERNnot required-
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