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Recorded webinar

Attendees: 34 participants from 14 different organisation



Presenter / Slides


Introduction, who we are, what we do, where are the pilots

Introduction video available at

Erik Kikkenborg


How the NRENs can benefit from Up2U? 

Erik Kikkenborg


Summary of NREN’s educational activities and services survey

Gyongyi Horvath


What are the tools in NGDLE, What are the pilots?

Michal Zimniewicz


Models of engagement of new NRENs into project activities

Raimundas Tuminauskas


Next actions: How to get engaged?

Communication package

  • Introductory slides to the project

Barbara Toth



Thank you, questions and future contacts

Gyongyi Horvath

Erik Kikkenborg

Questions raised at the end of the webinar:

All questions will be answered within a short period of time.

Q: What are Up2U's selling points, compared to other systems?
A: We promote not only our toolbox, but the integration and interoperability between the Up2U tools.

Q: How does the Open Garden contributes to the development of key skills and competencies identified by the project?
A: The advantage of our Open Garden ecosystem is that it facilitates learners to make their own decisions on how to learn and how to present the outputs of their learning. By offering open, effective and efficient co-design and co-creation tools and the usage of digital content and services specially adapted for personalised, collaborative or experimental learning with the proper pedagogical guidance Up2U encourages students to develop their skills and enrich their own digital learning environment.

Q: Can the Up2U toolbox be integrated in existing LMSs?
A: Yes. As long as the LMS supports LTI. Currently Up2U supports 3 LMSs: Moodle, OpenEdX and CommonSpaces.

Q: Where can I find more information about the Up2U tools?
A: Information on the Up2U tools can be found on our project website: 

Q: Can I have a look at some use cases?

Q: What feedback have you received from schools thus far?
A: The feedback was very positive so far. Details can be provided soon.

Q: How will the Open Badges functionality develop?

Q: What are the pilot countries planning for Up2U after the project's lifetime?

Q: Who are using the platform most? Students, teachters, NRENs?

Q: What data have you analysed so far?

Q: Which solution is most useful for video and/or web conferencing? Is live streaming or video on demand more wanted?
A: All solutions SeLCont, PODDIUM and Multiparty Meeting are useful for both teachers and students. The users prefer video on demand over live streaming.

Q: Are there universities running Up2U pilots currently?

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