Internal events

23-25 January 2018, Athens, Greece

8-10 May 2017, Porto, Portugal

8-9 May 2017 in Porto, Portugal

27 Feb - 01 Marc 2017, Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

15 February 2017, on-line


Dissemination events

We have started to populate the list of potential dissemination events, conferences, workshops, fora.

Document templates

Deliverable template (.docx)

Presentation template (.potx)

Project logo (.png)

1st GA notes

*WP2* - Dissemination

Project visual appearance and logo design chosen by WP2 was introduced and explained.

Preliminary public Wordpress website ( and event list on Wiki had been submitted to the EC as Deliverable 2.1

There is an urgent need for a new public website using the new Wordpress template.

There is an urgent need for a common "press kit" that contains the main messages and communication strategy towards our key stakeholders: teachers, schools, students, IT admins, governments, EC, content providers, NRENs, industry, etc.

The press kit should be used to create flyers that can than be translated to all Up2U project languages.

The public website content should also be translated and the Wordpress site must allow language selection. Investigate its feasibility.

There is an urgent need to coordinate social media appearance of Up2U: YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter hashtag, etc. Some partners already created social media accounts during the meeting. COORDINATION IS INEVITABLE.

There is a vacancy for a permanent social media manager in WP2.

The event list (on the Wiki) must be maintained. Presentations given and/or papers submitted must be collected on the WP2 document store.

Partners presenting Up2U at any events can charge their time and efforts spent at the conference against WP2. The actual content preparation and technical work must be charged on the corresponding work package.

WP2 document store

Upload files via e-mail...

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