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Bug reports in order of importance

The coding below means B = Bug, A = Audio, V = Video, M = Managing, G = General

Issues/Bugs version 8.1

  1. B001A - Connect-addin does not detect audio devices automatically
  2. B002A - Difficult to select and activate the right audio and video devices
  3. B003A - Windows 7 Add-in 9.4.8x - Audio functions react slowly and can stall the meeting room
  4. B004A - One meeting attendee experience full failure of audio from another meeting attendee
  5. B005A - Automatic adjustment of audio levels
  6. B006G - Slow whiteboard writing on Win 7
  7. B007G - Cannot activate, Allow for distribution of local copies of recordings to end users

Issues/Bugs version 8.0

  1. B009G - all hosts can use all video-telephony devices
  2. B010A - not possible to mute presenters without enabling single speaker mode
  3. B011G - no icon if Participant is granted Video (icon is visible for Microphone & Share)
  4. B012V - presenters can stop webcams of other presenters and hosts
  5. B013A - speex codec has problems with recordings
  6. B014A - loosing audio in long meetings
  7. B015G - very high CPU usage in ubuntu when using Add-in (also seen in MAC)
  8. B016G - ubuntu has problems in firefox withouth addin (cert problems)

Issues/Bugs version 7.5

  1. B001A - Moving to a layout without video pod turns off audio
  2. B002A - Deactivating your video also deactivates your audio
  3. B003M - You do not have direct access to a meeting room as a participant
  4. B004M - When deleting a user, the content and meetings of that user is not deleted
  5. B005G - Special keyboard characters are not mapped correctly between Windows and Mac during screen sharing / remote control
  6. B006M - You can move a recording to the Content area, but you cannot move the recording back to the meeting folder where it came from

Issues/Bugs version 7.0 (not tested in version 7.5)

  1. B007G - http > https redirect only works for login to the applications server and not for login to the meetings
  2. B008G - Remigrating shared storage back to local storage is not possible

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