This page contains general information on how to create a SAML-based identity federation as well as how to connect it to eduGAIN.
If an Identity Federation meets the general requirements for joining eduGAIN, it can initate the "Joining Process" described in section 3.2 of the eduGAIN Constitution. These are:

The process to join eduGAIN is as follows:

  1. To apply for membership, the applicant Federation signs the eduGAIN Policy Declaration and presents it to the eduGAIN Operations Team (OT).
  2. The OT confirms that the applicant Federation fulfils the requirements in section 3.1
  3. Unless the eduGAIN Steering Group (eSG) has decided that the applicant Federation does not need further approvals, the OT prepares and presents a proposal to the eSG to approve or reject the application.
  4. When an applicant is approved, the OT takes the necessary technical steps to register the Federation to eduGAIN.

Besides the points mentioned in that section, a more technical description of what information has to be sent to the eduGAIN operations team in order to join eduGAIN is listed on the eduGAIN Technical Site

Relevant Subtopics for Prospect eduGAIN Member Federations

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