This documentation is provided in a context of live training, with interactive parts.

The technical choices made during the training (ex : use of Shibboleth instead of SimpleSAMLphp) are related to the training environment and are not to be taken as best practices.

The material can be used as a support for self-training, but without any guarantee of result.
In case of difficulty, you can: 
- Share your interest to participate to a training session : Next training sessions ?
- Ask for help from other Federation Operators (eduGAIN Slack Channel )


The objectives of this workshop is to provide Federation Operators with information and knowledge on how to build and deploy a national federation and join eduGAIN.
This virtual training covers the concepts and practical implementations of Identity, authentication and authorisation using a federated approach, in addition to eduGAIN policies and tools. 

Target audience

The course targets the application and systems engineers from National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). 

Training materials

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