16:00 - 16:10CETWelcome, Introductions and Agenda AgreementDavide & Casper
16:10 - 16:20Service Team OverviewDavide
16:20 - 16:45Terms of Reference and Work Plan
16:45 - 16:50Chair Election
16:50 - 16:55AOB
16:55 - 17:00Future meetings, Summary and Actions
17:00CETMeeting Close

Attendees: Davide Vaghetti, Pal Axelsson, Francisca Martin-Vergara, Thijs Kinkhorst, Jonathan Eagan, Farhan Sjaugi, Slavek Licehammer, Casper Dreef

Apologies: Nicole Harris


Welcome, Introductions and Agenda Agreement

Davide opened the meeting and the committee started with a round of introductions.

Two items where added to the AOB.

The agenda was approved.

Service Team Overview

Davide presented the eduGAIN service roadmap for 2024. These activities are funded by GN5-1, which is an EC (European Commission) project. Activities are based on consensus.

eduGAIN Ops is preparing for a full automation of the current infrastructure. Staff changes in the Ops Team. Preparation work for a new architecture. Looking into adopting OIDC.
eduGAIN CSIRT has been established in the last few years. Recently admitted into Trusted Introducer. 
Training and business development. Together with the AfricaConnect3 project the training team organised a meeting for emerging federations in Africa.

The roadmap can be found on this wiki page: Trust and Identity Services Roadmaps (scroll down for eduGAIN).

The roadmap is related to the duration of GN5-1 project. The project will end in December. The next iteration (GN5-2) will start in January 2025.

Davide offered to organise informal meetings to update the committee members on the technical details of the service.

Terms of Reference and Work Plan

Terms of Reference: https://wiki.geant.org/download/attachments/633275634/eduGAIN-Steering-Committee-ToRv1%20FINAL.pdf.
Davide briefly went through

Futures working group white paper: https://edu.nl/xheg4

Due to lack of time it was to decided to discuss the workplan offline.

  • Casper to provide of a list of work items.

Chair Election

Pål Axelsson was elected as Chair for a 1 year term.


Observer role request for GN5-1 WP5 (T&I) leads (Marina Adomeit and Maarten Kremers). The committee supported the request.

Membership updates:
- Federasi (Indonesia). The federations sent the updated policy. They are now ready for assessment.
- CAMREN (Cambodia).

Farhan and Pal are willing to assist the secretariat and busdev with assessment of candidates and to streamline the joining process. 

  • Casper to share Federasi policy and MRPS
  • Casper to share the REFEDS policy and MRPS

Future meetings, Summary and Actions

  • Casper to send out out a doodle for end of April / start of May.

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