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eduGAIN Town Hall

The eduGAIN Town Hall was held as part of the TF-MNM, REFEDS and European Workshop on Trust and Identity meeting in Vienna between Monday 1 Decemeber 2014 and Thursday 4 December 2014.

The attendee list for the event is available online.

Tuesday 2 December 2014 - 9:00 - 13:00

9:00Registration & Coffee
9:30Welcome & Introductions

State of the Interfederation Service - Brook Schofield (2.9MB PDF

  • Membership and Future Members
  • "opt-in" vs "opt-out"
  • Attribute Profile
  • Governance, the Steering Group, Roles and Responsibilities

eduGAIN: The Project - Ann Harding

  • eduGAIN in GN3plus
  • eduGAIN in GN4
  • Open Calls: An opportunity for future developments

Coffee break + Catch-Up Time


Studentness & eduTEAMs - Niels van Dijk

  • InAcademia simple validation service (1MB PDF)
  • eduTEAMs group authZ service (395KB PDF)

GÉANT Code of Conduct - Mikael Linden (470k PDF) 

  • Use, Applicability and Progress
  • A Code of Conduct for moving PII outside of EU28

eduGAIN Test Identity Provider - Lukas Hämmerle

  • What is it?
  • Who's it for?
  • How to use it?

Updates to MDS.eduGAIN.orgBrook Schofield (549K PDF)

  • pyFF migration and summary
    • How could we improve this for the future
  • Metadata Profile and Metadata Quality
    • SHA-1 inbound feeds, deprecation and timeline for discontinuation
    • WS-* and Non-SAML Metadata
    • Metadata Bloat (Embedded Logos)

Any other Business


Summary and Actions


Break for Lunch




GÉANT Project Sponsored Dinner at Gasthaus Wild, Radetzkyplatz 1, 1030 Wien

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