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We often get asked how many users eduGAIN has.  eduGAIN has been designed specifically to not be able to answer this question. In order to conserve the privacy of users as much as possible, eduGAIN does not aggregate usage data centrally.  A trial is underway to look at how statistics can be maintained in a privacy-preserving way (see, but until that time the following Guesstimates may be of interest. Please note these extrapolations are not necessarily from completely reliable sources (we googled!) and the way the precentages are applied is very crude.  If you are a Federation Operator and can add more accurate data - please go ahead and add! 

Students in Tertiary Education


Teaching Staff in Tertiary Education (Source: UsersTertiary Organisations (ISCED 5 and above, public)IdPspercentage orgaverage usersNotes
Algeria - ARNaai1,150,00037,0001,187,0001301
Argentina - MATE2,288,000178,0002,466,0004749%209,872
Armenia - AFIRE155,00011,000166,000171
Australia - AAF1,200,000no figures1,200,00043819%223,256
Austria - ACOnet Identity Federation308,00035,000343,0002329100%343,000
Belarus - FEBAS586,00043,000629,000231
Belgium - Belnet Federation425,00027,000452,0002020100%452,000
Brazil - CAFe6,115,000341,0006,456,00024520985%5,507,363
Canada - Canadian Access Federation1,800,000no figures1,800,000965456%1,012,500
Chile - COFRe805,00058,000863,0002528%69,040
Colombia - COLFIRE - feed problem (information missing)!1,507,000110,0001,617,000

Croatia - AAI@EduHr (information missing)139,00042,000181,0002020100%181,000
Czech Republic - eduID.cz417,000no figures417,0008484100%417,000
Denmark - WAYF235,000no figures235,0003761100%235,000
Ecuador - MINGA535,00027,000562,0007023%16,057
Estonia - TAAT68,000no figures68,00012975%51,000
Finland - HAKA297,00015,000312,0001523100%312,000
France - Fédération Éducation-Recherche2,173,000no figures2,173,00083291100%2,173,000
Georgia - Grena Identity Federation95,00012,000107,00017212%12,588
Germany - DFN AAI3,000,000340,0003,340,0007088100%3,340,000
Greece - GRNET (information missing)603,00029,000632,0004242100%632,000
Hungary - eduId.hu398,00024,000422,000251976%320,720
India - INFED14,863,000no figures14,863,000537173%470,523
Iran - IR Fed3,350,000144,0003,494,000

Ireland - Edugate!183,00013,000196,000253278%153,125
Israel - IUCC Identity Federation343,000no figures343,000

Italy - IDEM2,014,000103,0002,117,0008989100%2,117,000
Japan - GakuNin3,874,000524,0004,398,00018174%170,088
Korea - KAFE3,219,000no figures3,219,0004337%224,581
Latvia - LAIFE125,0008,000133,000561832%42,750
Lithuania - LITNET FEDI211,00015,000226,0001414100%226,000
Luxembourg - eduID Luxembourg6,900no figures6,90014100%6,900,_2015_(thousands)_YB17.png
Macedonia - AAIEduMk65,0004,00069,0005240%27,600
Moldova - LEAF135,0005,000140,00018211%15,556
Norway - FEIDE219,000no figures219,00011100%219,000H/S
Oman - Oman KID75,0004,00079,0003226%4,938
Poland - PIONIER.Id2,150,000101,0002,251,000131118%189,015
Portugal - RCTSaai!373,00035,000408,00032825%102,000
Singapore - Singapore Access Federation - SGAF213,00015,000228,0006233%76,000
Slovenia - ArnesAAI Slovenska izobraževalno raziskovalna federacija235,0006,000241,000514100%241,000
South Africa - SAFIREno figuresno figures0261038%0
Spain - SIR!1,801,000152,0001,953,000763749%950,803
Sweden - SWAMID423,00036,000459,0003548100%459,000
Switzerland - SWITCHaai233,00037,000270,0001251100%270,000
The Netherlands - SURFconext (numbers improved by Surfnet)744,721125,572870,29354113100%870,293
U.S. - InCommon19,103,0001,405,00020,508,0004,62746810%2,074,291
Uganda - RIF124,0004,000128,000111
Ukraine - PEANO2,799,000199,0002,998,00017121%35,064
United Kingdom - UK federation2,415,000138,0002,553,000481746100%2,553,000,
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