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webisoget is a tool by Jim Fox that allows to download a SSO protected page via the command line. It supports Shibboleth authentication.

Before using it, the user has to compile it from source. This was straightforward in our case.

There is a config file, let's name it demo.login, that has to be custom-tailored to the WAYF/Discovery service used and the login page. Some keys of the key-value pairs are ids of HTML form fields. Credentials have to be stored in this file too. An example for the WAYF of the SWITCHaai test federation, using the demo identity provider looks like this:; name=IdPList; user_idp=;
name=j_loginform; j_username=demostudent; j_password=demo;
name=; submit_value=Continue;

The program can be executed for example like this:

webisoget -verbose -out researchdatahttp.txt -formfile demo.login -url

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