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Work Description

This work item will develop sustainable approaches to interoperability with e-Gov (STORK), social media identity frameworks and other lifelong identity initiatives, especially of NRENs. Work will include:

  1. Completion of pilot use cases with STORK2.0 and a roadmap towards sustainable long-term implementation based on GN3plus experience.
  2. Engagement with standards areas, such as Kantara on behalf of eduGAIN.
  3. Development of results from JRA3 as appropriate e.g. Federation lab.

Work Area Leader

Christos Kanellopoulos (STORK), Nicole Harris (FedLab).

Work Area Participants

Christos Kanellopoulos, Elena Maria Torroglosa Garcia and Jordi Ortiz (STORK).
Mehdi Hached, Miro  Milinovic + team (Fed Lab). 

Work Area Actions / Ideas

  • Moving forward with STORK / eduGAIN integration trials - what are the next steps? Strategy for moving toward eIDAS? (STORK completion in July / August).
  • FedLab - what do people want from it as a service? Conformance testing suite for edugain?  edugain "readiness" - pick up on conversations previously on the edugain / refeds mailing list around what constitutes "readiness".  One central focus for edugain type tools (coco monitor, R&S monitor, entity information etc). 

Expected Outputs

FEDLAB / Monitoring:

REFWork ItemDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
a.Reviewing FedLab / other testing tools. 

Work with FedLab to provide manpower for implementing and testing SAML interop cases.  Suggested that Mehdi and Miro's team would be assigned to this.

There is a list of testing tools on the REFEDS wiki.

Comparison of testing tools and what they are expected to achieve.

Mehdi, Miro and teamTBD
b.Reviewing Existing Stats

Reach out to all the Hub and Spoke Federations + Mesh that do monitoring and ask them if they can provide us with basic statistics in any format (what format etc).

Done, summary available.

c.Stats Value Document

Write a document on the value of statistics.

d.Alternative MetricsExplore alternative statistics that can be given to people - for example we can tell the number of entities, we can look at % of entities per federation from edugain (using MET? new feature request?) etc.  Actively promote these. TBD
e.Future Statistics ServiceWork with Ann on future proposal requirements for statistic information in future GN4 years. More RAPTOR work? COMPLETE
f.UI / promotion of eduGAIN monitoring tools.Work with eduGAIN OT on user interface and promotion of eduGAIN monitoring tools as part of the wider eduGAIN site refresh.



  • Complete work to demonstrate the basic technical interoperability against the two usescases defined in GN3+ for STORK and eduGAIN.
  • Consult with eduGAIN and STORK communities on the models proposed.
  • Build on work at GRNET and CESNET to investigate future sustainability models in the eIDAS context. 

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