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SA5 Trust and Identity Service Development

The objectives of SA5 Trust and Identity Service Development are to:

  • Carry out continuous service improvement on eduroam and eduGAIN as driven by operational feedback and the service steering groups.
  • Extend the range of options for service use that can be layered on top of eduGAIN in the future by developing the service considerations for user community requirements e.g. attribute release (entity categories) etc.
  • Support the consistent, open development of federated identity services by active participation in REFEDs, FIM4R and similar bodies. 
  • Improve the management and reporting tools of the eduGAIN interfederation service by developing a consistent supporting services suite.
  • Extend the reach of eduGAIN, both to include more institutions via existing federations, and to encourage additional federations to join, supporting their development as needed.
  • Transition the core Federation as a Service from pilot to production and develop a VO platform service layered over eduGAIN to support key research requirements for group and attribute management.
  • Increase usage of the AAI and roaming infrastructures by collaboration between GÉANT and international user communities, in particular aiming to deliver targeted, expert support in integrating services for a number of clearly defined interfederation use cases and providing expert know how and consultancy on AAI development within their projects.
  • Increase the usage of Single Sign-on within the GÉANT service area.
  • Continue to develop and enhance the eduroam core service and supporting suite and to enhance this with development towards pilot eduroam- as-a-service for smaller institutions.

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