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The Technical platform is delivered by SURFcloud, the SURFnet IAAS cloud.


Current resources VOpaas1 to VOpaas 9 consist of 10 VMs each with:

  • 1 CPUs
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 v4 and 1 v6 IP


Access to machines is provided via the deploy/bastion host only

Access to the bastion host is limited to specific IP adresses and requires a registered ssh key


No ports will be publicly available until requested. Normally only port 443 will be available publicly, unless specifically requested.

All port, including SSH and other ports will be available trough the deploy host


VPN is needed to access the deploy/bastion host.

SSH access and SUDO rights

SSH access to the deploy host is only possible using ssh public key authentication. Please provide your public certificate using the the VOpaas Access List.

SUDO is available for all users, using their Yubikey. Please provide the yubikey ID (the first 12 characters of a yubikey authentication string) using the VOpaas Access List.







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