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GÉANT STUN/TURN Service (plus WebRTC front-end)

2017 - ...

Target gate: Pilot -> Production

Task: JRA4 T4 and T5



Service Description: GEANT-TURN-Pilot-SD.docx


Roadmap: Part of the GN4-1 EC Deliverable D12-3_WebRTC-Requirements-RandE-Deployment-Roadmap(1).pdf

Also in .pptx GEANT-TURN-Pilot-Roadmap-Plan.pptx

Service Design Docs: GEANT Tech Scout - STUN_TURN_ICE.docx

Documentation for PoC service: https://brain.lab.vvc.niif.hu/restapi/doc/index.html

Source code of different components on github:

Pilot service is running at: https://turn.geant.org

OLA: Run by NIIFI/KIFU and the participating NRENs (covered in GN4-2 JRA4 T4)

Branding/Visibility: TBC as part of the pilot

Service Policy: TBC as part of the pilot

GÉANT eduOER Service (and Video Portal)

2016 - ...

Target gate: Production

Task: GN4-1 SA8 Task 3, now GN4-2 JRA4 Task 4 (only maintenance)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor eduoer


NIF: NIF for GN4-1 eduOER.pdf (GN4-1 SA8 preparation)

PID: GN4Phase1-SA8-PID.pdf (see Task 3)

Service Description: Connect Magazine eduOER launches at the GEANT Symposium 2016.docx

CBA: Cost Benefit Analysis - GN4-SA8-T3-OER.docx

Roadmap: Part of the GN4-1 SA8 Deliverable D12.1

Service Design Docs: Complete D12.1 _D12.1_GEANT-eduOER-Business-Case-Development.pdf

OLA: Run by GRNET in the Okeanos Cloud (party covered in GN4-2 JRA4 T4 and partly in Up2U)

Branding/Visibility: Géant OER - Branding 2015v2.pptx

Service Policy: MoU for repositories joining eduOER eduOER_MOU.docx

NRENum.net Global Service

2006 - ...

Target gate: Production -> EoL

Task: Former TERENA service


PID: n/a

Service Description: https://nrenum.net/about/

CBA: n/a

Roadmap: n/a 

Service Design Docs: https://nrenum.net/participate/

OLA: Run by NIIFI/KIFU and the participating NRENs/Organisations (voluntary basis)

Branding/Visibility: Logo design NRENum-logos-final.pdf

  • Community trademark on NRENum.net. Expected expiration date of the registration/renewal: 2023-02-26

Service Policy: https://nrenum.net/documents/NRENum-Policy-v063.pdf

GÉANT eduCONF Service

2008 - 2016

Target gate: EoL (considered as an operations tool for VC admins)

Task: GÉANT Operations (NOC)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor educonf


Service Description:  _D12.2_Videoconferencing-Service-Assessment-and-Future-Development.pdf

OLA: Run by GÉANT Operations: Educonf_OLA_document-V2.doc

Branding/Visibility: Service Brief GÉANT Service Brief eduCONF v2.pdf

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