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AreaOrganisationTotal MMFTEPersonEmail
LeadershipGÉANT Association11.5224%Nicole Harris


Operations - monitoring and data analytics

Confirm when Dragana is coming back - likely to be April / May???

UoB (AMRES)19.2040%

Dragana Despic

Nemanja Ninkovic

Operations - f-ticks and then expanding ELKMARNET14.4030%Boro
Operations - monitoring, encryption, eduGAIN supportGÉANT Association19.2040%Brook Schofield

Operations - lead architect

Dick re-allocated to Task 1.

GÉANT Association19.2040%Dick Visser

Operations - GLPIRENATER2.405%Anass
OperationsGÉANT Association9.6060% (increased to include allocation that was with Dick)Stephen
eduPKI / encryption

eduPKI OperationsDFN (DFN-CERT)12.0025%Reimer Karlsen-Masur, Jan Klever


Harmonization, support, OLA/SLA, Terms of use, harmonizationDFN4.8010%Wolfgang
Harmonization, support, OLA/SLA, Terms of use, harmonizationDFN (BADW-LRZ)14.4030%Michael
Harmonization, supportGÉANT Association4.8010%

Casper Dreef

(additional 10% in eduGAIN task)

Harmonization, support, OLA/SLA, Terms of use, harmonization CARNET14.4030%Vlado


The goal of this task is to support the service delivery in Task 1 for the benefit of the research and education community and research collaborations, in order to meet operational standards and community expectations for business-critical applications, by supporting a core set of functions that are common to all T&I services. The key objectives of this task are to define the baseline (minimum requirements and recommendations) of production operations, provide the support services, infrastructure and tools in collaboration with WP9, and cater for other common services operational and management requirements. This support includes: 

  • Supporting IT tools delivery and operational infrastructure resources, including: proxy use of the supporting tools already available in WP9 and other WPs such as ticketing system and VM infrastructure and complement this with tools that are not readily available for T&I services such as monitoring (including dashboards reporting and alerting), and data analytics.
  • Service operations harmonisation and baselining: create appropriate templates and policies such as: internal operational policies and checklists, service level agreements/operational level agreements (SLAs/OLAs) templates, terms of use/acceptable use policy (AUP) and privacy notices. Support adoption of best practices and well-known policy frameworks across all relevant services, tools and pilots in WP5.
  • PKI and signing requirements: certificates support via eduPKI, encryption requirements, etc.
  • Support for Task 1 services: liaise with each service in Task 1 and identified pilots enabling them to use the core IT tools and operational infrastructure resources, and engage in harmonisation efforts for service operations. Additionally, the task can offer dedicated operational support to services that may require assistance (for instance, by managing specific functions within the service operational team).
  • Supporting membership policy management for organisations joining services where GÉANT has legal signatory responsibilities and engaging in business development activities with Task 4, where needed.

In summary, the key objectives of Task 3 are:

  • Provide infrastructure resources and tools necessary for the operations of the T&I services, in collaboration with WP9 and other WPs.
  • Ensure that all T&I services are operated according to appropriate legal requirements and service requirements via the use of OLAs, DPAs and respective service policy.
  • Ensure that security and relevant best practices are followed by T&I services.

Year 1 aims:

  • Continue work on establishing central monitoring platform with at least two T&I services monitored in the Y1. 
  • Continue work on establishing central data analytic platform with at least one T&I services using it in Y1. 
  • Establish necessary agreements with the infrastructure providers (VMs etc), as per services requirements. (ongoing activity, as requested by services) 
  • Provide support to services in defining OLA and other agreements. (ongoing activity, as requested by services )
  • Support services to define the DPA agreements, in collaboration with the GEANT GDPR team.
  • Collect the requirements for software development infrastructure (repositories, continuous integration, testing etc) and work with other partners to enable them for WP5 ( from WP9 (Marcin), NRENs, Commercial solutions) 

Work Items

For work progress in GN4-2 please see: Core team roadmap.  

For the Service Status Dashboard please see: Service Status Dashboard.

Sub TasksDescription





Due DateAssigned toCommentMonthly Status - March
3.1. VMs and Websites.  Lead: Dick Visser .  Sub task no longer active - now controlled by T0 and T1.
Support for implementation of VMsThis work item will support requirements for VMs from T&I services and look to consolidate the current infrastructure.  Work will be coordinated with the Resource Inventory sub-task to support cataloguing of existing architecture. 


ongoingDick Visser, Brook Schofield
  • This will be either on GÉANT VM platform or AWS via TI Sparkle.
  • Support requests for new VMs via the GÉANT policy or other processes.
  • Document current architecture (e.g. where do we have stuff??)

AWS and GÉANT offer in place - budget requests for AWS to go to Licia and Marina.

Successful call with

Issue with GÉANT platform.  Raised with PLM.

To do: sign documentation with TI Sparkle.

Support for websitesEnsure that operational functionality of service websites is fully in place.

Nicole HarrisWordpress successfully supported by GÉANT IT.

To do: put in place a process for editorial control of websites.
3.2 Monitoring.  Lead: Boro Jakimovski.  Task not currently active

Review of Zabbix / links to data analytics

Use of ELK

This work item will review the current status of monitoring across the services


Boro Jakimovski,

Dick Visser, Brook Schofield,

This work item was initially intended to provide centralised monitoring for the T&I services but in the new structure for service delivery for the T&I services in GN4-3 this proved very difficult.

A small pilot of Zabbix with eduTEAMS was not successful as it didn't provide the desired functionality.

Work is currently focused on ELK and f-ticks for eduGAIN and is fully focused on that task.  A review will take place to see if this can be extended.

Dick has put in place temporary monitoring of some of the central functions at 

A different approach to monitoring - creating an incubator project of interested people - has been proposed.

Work with T1 for now.
3.3 Resource Inventory.  Lead: Anass Chabli.


Anass Chabli, Dick VisserWhile we are actively exploring GLPI - there is also but also work on licence management within the PLM process which could reveal software components. I think this challenge is much broader than initially thought - but maybe we can get involved in all of these other areas of exploration.
3.4 Encryption and Certificates. Lead Reimer Karlsen-Masur.

Reimer Karlsen-Masur, Jan KleverGN4-2 Wiki arranged to discuss future service proposals.
HSM requirements

Brook Schofield
Mainly sitting with T2 at the moment.
Certificate Strategy

Reimer Karlsen-Masur, Jan Klever

Certificates Strategy Working Group

Still looking for a volunteer to finish.
Review use of ELK for data analytics


Boro Jakimovski,

See monitoring. 

3.6 Service Support
Team: Brook, Casper, Vlado, Michael, Wolfgang, Pål, Nicole

OLA and DPADefine OLA for each service


on going

Casper, Michael

  • Review status on Service Status Dashboard. OLAs are in place for eduTEAMS and eudroam Managed IdP but not for other services.
  • DPA - liaise with Ana and Magdalena.
Nicole emailed on 29th March 2019.
Service Status DashboardMaintain information on the Service Status Dashboard for monitoring services and information for Service Owners


on goingNicole HarrisService Status Dashboard.
Policy and Governance - eduGAINSupport policy and governance work for each service


on goingBrook Schofield,Open question on responsibility for policies. 
Policy and Governance - eduroamSupport policy and governance work for each service


on going

Wolfgang Michael

  • Membership management - this needs to be agreed.
  • Have agreed that a review of the eduroam policy is needed with a reflection back up to the GeGC compliance statement. 
Work required on policy outlined in sub-task pages. 
Policy: CoCoThis work will support the implementation of CoCov2.


on goingNicole Harris, Pål Axelsson, Wolfgang
  • Support for establishing CoCo v2 and GÉANT as the Monitoring Body. 

First meeting with sub-group held.

Mikael is allocated to T4.  Makes more sense for T4 to do this?

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