SIG-Marcomms got together to share ideas, experiences and best practices in September 2018, hosted by FCCN|FCT in Lisbon, Portugal.

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26 Sep
12:00 -13:30LUNCH at venueKindly provided by FCT|FCCN

13:30-13:40Welcome, introductions and agendaLonneke Walk (SURFnet - Chair)
& Laura Durnford (GÉANT - Secretary)

13:40-14:00FCCN welcome and marketing insightsSalomé Branco (FCCN) Salomé's slides and video

14:00-15:20NREN UPDATES

Belnet Marcomms - 25th anniversary & a new mode of workingLaetitia Lagneau (BELNET)Laetitia's slides & pdf

DeiC update (TBD 10-15 mins))Gitte Kudsk (DeiC)No slides

6 months in RENAM MarComms: challenges and practice (10 mins)Olga Popcova (RENAM)Olga's slides & pdf

The impact of EaPConnect on the development of ASNET-AM's Marketing (10)Naira Kocharyan (ASNET-AM) TBCNaira's slides & pdf
15:10-15:25COFFEE / TEA / EMAILSKindly provided by FCT|FCCN


TOPIC Defining strategy

Marcomms strategy for GÉANT/NREN

Case study: SURF strategy work

Strategy for a strategy: lessons from the strategy that never lived

2 Cases from FCCN

Workshop: LITNET - Developing a strategy

CHAIR: Gitte Kudsk - Steering Committee

Lajos Balint

Lonneke Walk

Laura Durnford

Rui Ribeiro & Anabela Ventura

Neringa Jackevice (via VC)

Lajos's slides & pdf

Lonneke's slides

Rui & Anabela's slides as pdf

Neringa's slides

17:20-18:10Tour of FCCN facilitiesALL  
 19:00Restaurant 'Mercantina' has been booked by FCCN but for everyone to pay their own costs:


27 Sep
09:15-09:30ARRIVAL, EMAILS   
09:30-10:10Proposal: A central community document repository – options and requirements?Daniel Wustenberg (GÉANT - via VC)Daniel's slides
10:10-10:30Proposal: an integrated, interactive global network map - idea for feedbackTom Fryer (GÉANT - via VC)
10:30-10:45COFFEE / TEA & emailsKindly provided by FCT|FCCN

10:45-10:50Informal welcomeJoão Nuno Ferreira (FCCN)

10:50-11:00A new approach to the GÉANT web presenceRosanna Norman (GÉANT)Rosanna's slides

TOPIC Internal communications - part 1

Game 1

How do you do internal comms? (30 mins round table discussion)

Jisc Internal Comms (30 mins)

CHAIR: Lonneke Walk


Robert Haymon-Collins (Jisc)

IC intro sheets

Robert's slides 

12:15-13:00LUNCH AND EMAILSKindly provided by FCT|FCCN


TOPIC Internal communications - part 2

Game 2

Workshop - group discussions on specific assignments (1 hour)

CHAIR: Lonneke Walk

14:20-14:40Institution communications and challengesInes Crespo (Roslin Institute)Ines's slides & pdf
14:40-15:00COFFEE / TEA / EMAILSKindly provided by FCT|FCCN


TOPIC What's the most effective way to get a response to your call to action with print / online materials?


Introduction (10 mins)

Group discussions (1 h 10)

Reports back to the whole group (15 mins)

Final discussion whole group (10 mins)

 CHAIR: Maria Ristkok


Maria's slides & pdf


Short presentation

Bring a branded giveaway gift to celebrate 15 years of the group!

Lonneke, Maria, Laura and Gitte


Original news article (pdf)

17:30-17:35day wrap upLonneke  

Meet at Lisbon story centre: Praça do Comércio 78

19:00) Lisbon multimedia Tour
20:00) Dinner for all participants. (Main course fish (risotto porcini for vegetarians)) at

Kindly provided by FCT|FCCN
28 Sep
09:15-09:30ARRIVALS, EMAILS   

TOPIC Digital engagement - how to use colleagues in social media

Colleagues who blurt - pros, cons and how to take advantage

Employee advocacy

Research into colleague activities and impacts (TBC)

How to get credits, provide guidelines etc.

Business Canvas, LinkedIn profile updates

Gaggleamp, Sprout and specific tools

CHAIR: Laura Durnford

Robert Haymon-Collins (Jisc)

Gitte Kudsk (DeiC)

Dimple Sokartara (GÉANT)

Robert Haymon-Collins (Jisc)

Lonneke Walk (SURFnet)

Robert Haymon-Collins (Jisc)

Robert's slides & pdf

Gitte's slides & pdf

Dimple's slides & pdf

Lonneke's slides & pdf

11:10-11:25COFFEE / TEA & EMAIL TIMEKindly provided by FCT|FCCN


GÉANT Project updates

Planning for the next phase – GN4-3 (15 mins)

Clouds (10 mins)

GLAD updates & training opportunities (25 mins)

GTS awareness raising

Rosanna Norman (GÉANT)
Maria Ristkok, EENET, HITSA
Irina Mikhailava (GÉANT)
Anke Russell (GÉANT)

Rosanna's slides

Maria's slides & pdf

Irina's slides
Anke's slides


OPEN SPACE SESSION - challenges / successes

bring your stories!!

13:00-13:15Meeting feedbackEveryoneSurvey
13:15-13:25Meeting review, next meeting, wrap upLonneke

13:25-14:00LUNCHKindly provided by FCT|FCCN  


If you have ideas for topics for future meetings, please contact or add them into the agenda suggestions page. If you would like to host a future meeting, please let Laura know!

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